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Educate citizens on the value of solar energy for their homes and in their communities, empower them to make informed decisions, and encourage them to connect with professional Texas solar businesses.

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We are a chapter of the American Solar Energy Society

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TXSES is a member of TREIA

TREIA represents 500 member companies in all areas of renewable energy, tapping the infinite to extend the finite.


TXSES is a member of EarthShare Texas EarthShare Texas supports state and national environmental organizations through workplace giving campaigns and H-E-B's April tear pad donations. Reliant Energy customers may support us through Reliant EcoShare.

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Solar and the 84th Legislature. On March 10, the House Ways and Means Committee will air HB-706 . This would make it so homeowners with solar (or other renewable energy) installations would only have to file the property tax exemption once, instead of every year.  
The Solar Jobs Census from The Solar Foundation finds Texas is home to 7,000 high-skilled, living wage jobs in the industry! The census also found that veterans are employed in the solar industry at a higher than average rates.
Lawrence Berkeley National Labs and the Sun Shot program recently published Selling Into the Sun, a report that documents home sales with solar installations in eight states. The news is good.
Star Power: The Growing Role of Solar Energy in Texas, a report from Environment Texas Research & Policy Center, predicts Texas could get 20% of its power from solar by 2025
Why Owning Residential Solar Beats Leasing-Solar Industry Magazine examines the compelling case for owning your system.
Why do people put solar on their roof? Because other people put solar on their roof!
Two researchers at Yale and the University of Connecticut found the single most important factor driving whether a given house installed solar was peer influence.
Renewable Energy 101: Solar Power in an animated video! Thanks to Green Mountain Energy Sun Club for this catchy and charming piece that makes solar easy to understand.
Thank you Solar San Antonio for sending this great article on 10 things you should know about solar. Read their latest newsletter.
Environment Texas Research & Policy Center just released Lighting the Way: The Top Ten States That Helped Drive America’s Solar Energy Boom in 2013, a new report which documents strong solar growth across the nation, including a 45% increase in Texas in 2013.
12 Trends Leading us to Zero Energy Homes Read this encouraging article that quotes Sam Rashkin, the U.S. Department of Energy’s chief architect for building technologies, on his presentation to the latest SPEER conference.
San Antonio has published a concise and clear checklist to ensure that your planned solar system does not run into interference from your HOA.

Read the top 10 solar energy news stories of the day, compliments of SolarWakeup

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