SEEN #17: Solar Energy, Solar WIngs and the Future of Transportation

Tue, 04 Mar 2014

CONNECTED AT THE CURB. In the past, automobiles, real estate, electricity, and the internet were all considered separate industries. Today, we're seeing an unprecedented convergence at the curb. Powering electric vehicles with solar energy- this is the future of energy, and the future of transportation.

Please join us on March 4, 2014 to unveil the brand new SolarWing Carport  at Concurrent Design. Powered by microinverters from SolarBridge, designed and installed by the team at Circular Energy, and equipped with Curb energy management software. The result is a sophisticated technology created through collaboration between five local companies.  Mark your calendars for the 17th Solar Energy Entrepreneurs Network (SEEN) on Tuesday, March 4th to see the brand new carport, and tour an electric vehicle showcase as you network with cleantech professionals. As always, food and drinks will be provided! If you own an EV and would like to join our showcase please register here.

Concurrent Design
11500 Metric Blvd #190
Austin, TX 78758