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                                        With the occasional national and world solar news update    

3/7/14 Austin- Austin Energy is close to signing a contract to purchase the the lowest priced solar power deal ever from two solar farms in West Texas. The total size is 150 MW with a price just below 5 cents per kilowatt-hour. That is far cheaper than solar energy had generally been going for...more
2/3/14 San Antonio -It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Bill Sinkin, founder of Solar San Antonio and civic leader extraordinaire. Bill passed away Monday at the age of 100. Spurning retirement, Bill started Solar San Antonio at 87 and kick started the movement that has put that city on the solar map with a goal of 400 MW. Read Russel Smith's remembrance of Bill and Texas Public Radio's in depth piece about this remarkable man.
2/1/14 Austin - St David's Episcopal Church will hook up to the grid shortly and their solar installation will play out to be cash positive in the first year...more
1/24/14 China - This country may have deployed more solar in 2013 than the U.S. has in total. But is it connected?  more
1/23/14  Ft Stockton - First Solar will break ground on a 22MW installation...more
1/22/14 Des Moines, IA - The Iowa Supreme Court is hearing a case Wednesday that could shape the future of how solar power is sold in the state and region.... more
1/12/14 Dallas - An effort is underway to encourage local cities to craft more solar-friendly regulations and make it easier for homeowners to go green....more
1/2/14 Louisville, KY - Ford developing solar powered vehicle...more
1/2/14 Minnesota -In an unprecedented decision, a Minnesota judge this week held that utility supplier Xcel Energy should invest in the solar energy developer Geronimo Energy rather than in natural gas generators because that choice is the better economical and environmental deal for the state...more
12/31/13 Austin - The city's first true all solar neighborhood is building out nicely...more
12/23/13 Globally - The clean energy scorecard for 2013. Note that 2013 was the first year in U.S. history that renewable sources created more NEW electricity than any other resource...more
12/21/13  Nacogdoches - Green Mountain Energy Sun Club to fund solar installation at Stephen F. Austin State University  (this is just one of the 12-14 installations the Sun Club finances for non-profits per year!)...more
12/20/13 Austin- Austin Energy will not roll over production credits to the new year for solar panel owners...more
12/17/13 Globally - The most important Solar Statistics of 2013...more
12/16/13 Dallas/ Ft. Worth - DOE awards $90,000 grant to North Central Texas Council of Governments to encourage solar development...more
12/6/13 Austin - Austin Electric is cutting solar credits...more
11/25/13 DFW - Homebuilder making 3kW systems a standard feature of their homes. Included in this article is the observation that Texas solar installations are some of the least expensive in the country..more
11/14/13 Austin-West-facing rooftop solar panels produced 49 percent more electricity during peak demand compared to south-facing panels, according to a new study from Pecan Street Research Institute...more.
Forbes article clarifies the study's findings.
11/5/13 Vermont - Irony is alive and well. An Odessa, TX news station reported that officials announced a Vermont regional test center, in partnership with NREL, will be one of five across the country designed to find ways to make solar power more affordable...more
11/2013 San Antonio- The latest newsletter from Solar San Antonio, who has won an award from IREC for their Bring Solar Home Program...more
10/30/13 San Antonio - UTSA receives $750,000 grant to develop solar technologies and train minorities for jobs in the solar industry...more
10/30/13 Minnesota- The state is working through a process to establish a value-of-solar tariff, first adopted by Austin Energy.They are about halfway through a months-long stakeholder process that will determine the guidelines for calculating solar’s value in the state...more.
10/17/13 National- Stories of solar energy storage to blow your mind. Very creative technologies...more
10/1/13 National - Utilities push back on solar...more
9/26/13 Statewide- Green Mountain Energy offers first 100% solar electricity offer in Texas..more
9/26/13 Azle - North Texans living off the grid. This article features TXSES member Mike Renner...more
From July, but important: National - The amazing energy race...more
9/8/13 Houston - Rice University researchers have created a solar device that kills germs on medical equipment in 5 minutes. This may mean little in the developed world, but in areas where electricity is scare or non-existent,this is a life saver....more
9/5/13 Glendale -Solar panels rise in WalMart parking lot...more
8/23/13 Statewide- Renewable energy is a job creator across Texas and the nation...more
And there are more solar workers in Texas than ranchers...more                
8/26/13 Caldwell Co - Solar powers rural Texas ranches...more
8/18/2013 - Statewide - The Solar price trend is sunny in Texas...more
Along those same lines,ClimateProgress reports that oil is big in Texas, but solar is cheap...more
8/15/13 Washington DC - Solar panels go up on the White House! more
8/8/13 National - State renewable Energy laws proved difficult to repeal..more
7/31/13 Houston- Non-profit is 50th recipient of a Green Mountain Energy Sun Club's donated solar array...more
7/26/13 West Texas - Solar powered generator used for oil and gas operations..more
7/21/13 Plano - Solar Plano Advocates are working to create the opportunity for a 'group buy' of solar installations for city homeowners...more
7/6/13 Houston-Mayor explains how Houston- yes, that's Houston- is a green city. You might be surprised....more
7/1/13 Palo Alto, CA - Municipal utility has approved 80 megawatts in solar power purchase agreements (PPAs), meeting approximately 18% of the city's load, providing solar power for all of Palo Alto's 65,000 residents. Check out the price!
6/26/13 National - Bill introduced in US Senate would provide those who work together as a community to employ solar to receive the same tax advantages as individual homeowners and businesses....more
6/30/13 New Mexico- New Mexico homeowners can now lease solar electric systems for 25 years with no upfront costs thanks to a new partnership between Albuquerque’s Affordable Solar Group and Texas-based solar leasing company Sunnova Energy Corp....more
6/28/13 Bell County - Texas A&M announces it will collaborate with PPA Partners to build the The Center for Solar Energy in Central Texas, creating a hub for evaluation, development and testing of emerging solar technologies. The facility will power the Texas A&M-Central Texas Campus, which could become the largest university in the world to generate 100% of its energy needs from renewable sources...more
6/26/13 Austin - LifeWorks, an Austin based non-profit specializing in services for foster care and homeless youth, has teamed up with Meridian Solar to create the largest, single location solar system of any non-profit in Central Texas. Meridian Solar installed a 202 kW solar electric system at LifeWorks’ Pleasant Valley Road facility. ..more
6/19/13  San Antonio - Behind closed doors, utilities grapple with new strategies and not all utilities are resisting the change...more
6/7/13 Plano - Plano Solar Advocates introduce "Solarize Plano", a group purchase solar program for local homeowners...more