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10/1/14 Global- Solar power could be the world's main energy source by 2015...more
9/26/14 San Antonio- Mission Solar hits average cell efficiencies of 19.7%...more
9/24/14 Austin- The IRS will examine the tax implications of 'the value of solar', the format that Austin
             Energy uses for compensating solar energy producing homeowners and businesses ...more
9/22/14 San Antonio- Mission Solar Energy celebrates the official grand opening of its solar panel
             manufacturing facility..more
9/4/14 Pecos County - West Texas Solar Plant Comes Online...more
9/1/14 Austin- City council passes proposal to increase the city’s rooftop and utility-scale solar targets 
           by 800 megawatts over the coming years...more
8/29/14 Plano- Residents sound off about developers restricting the installation of solar...more
8/27/14 State- EPA's Clean Power Plan: Texas' Last Stand Or Last Hope?...more
8/25/14 State- While the state population keeps growing, the use of electricity per capita is
8/16/14 Texas - Law lets developers restrict solar installations while their neighborhood are still growing...more
8/11/14 Dallas - Kohl's is moving ahead with its solar portfolio by installing 'solar tree chargers'...more
8/2014 National - Union of Concerned Scientists: By 2017, more than half of U.S. states could have rooftop solar PV that's as cheap as local electricity rates...more
7/21/14 National - Renewables provide 56% of new US electrical generating capacity in first half of
this year...more
7/18/14 State - Despite obstacles, solar gains ground in Texas...more
7/13/14 San Antonio - Sheep keep solar farm well tended..more
7/15/14 Presidio - As solar grows in Texas, Border community provides a model...more
7/15/14 State - Texas Utilities preparing for new EPA regulations...more
7/13/14 State- Climate Scientists: Texas is missing an opportunity...more
7/3/14 EL Paso/ New Mexico- Coal free is goal of Texas utility....more
6/26/14 National- Why the shift to alternative energies continues despite the shale boom...more
6/24/14 National- Why the shift to alternative energies continues in spite of the shale oil boom..more
6/24/14 National - Financial leaders tally the cost of climate change...more
6/12/14 Brewster County- Firm plans two 50 MW solar farms...more
6/3/14 Pflugerville- Solar panels equal energy savings for Pflugerville ISD...more
5/15/14 Austin -Austin Energy strikes a deal with Recurrent Energy for 150MW solar farm...more
5/12/14 Texas- Can the Texas Solar market live up to its' potential?  more
5/12/14 Texas - Is residential solar on the rise in Texas?  more
2/3/14 San Antonio -It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Bill Sinkin, founder of Solar San Antonio and civic leader extraordinaire. Bill passed away Monday at the age of 100. Spurning retirement, Bill started Solar San Antonio at 87 and kick started the movement that has put that city on the solar map with a goal of 400 MW. Read Russel Smith's remembrance of Bill and Texas Public Radio's in depth piece about this remarkable man.