TXSES Annual Meeting- Irving, TX

January 28, 2017 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
West Irving Library
4444 W Rochelle Rd
Irving, TX 75062

The 2017 TXSES Annual Meeting will convene in the the Gold LEED-certified West Irving Library. The library is a net-zero energy building, complementing the TXSES objective of educating home and business owners on the importance of  energy-efficient design and construction in conjunction with the adoption of solar power. 

We are working on the details but so far we have planned: 

Welcome – the news of TXSES, its chapters and the year ahead.

Charlie Hemmeline – Executive Director Texas Solar Power Association   A look back at solar adoption in 2016 statewide and nationally, the view forward in 2017, and a nod to the 85th Legislative Session.

Larry Howe – Solar Plano Advocates co-founder  The continuing expansion of rooftop solar in Texas and how energy agencies are finally gathering the numbers and paying attention to distributed generation.

Fran Witte – Environmental Programs Coordinator for the City of Irving A look at this beautiful library and the City of Irving’s program to ensure that all new city buildings meet standards of sustainability.
No need to be a TXSES member to attend, but
if you will join us.