2022 on the Horizon: Creative Cooperation, Lasting Solutions

Another year draws to a close, and even in these trying times of inflation and supply chain concerns, we have much to be thankful for. With energy inflation a substantive part of our household expenses, Texans are adapting and installing solar at a pace like never before.

Solar continues to be installed at record levels but even more noteworthy is that energy storage is a part of nearly every solar system today. Whether a customer wants a home energy storage system during the initial installation or as “battery backup ready,” every installer I’ve met recently says they’ve been asked about energy storage when meeting with potential customers.

That’s good for everyone because a distributed network of energy resilient homes and businesses is a practical, smart hedge against what might happen this winter. Is ERCOT ready? Leaders say that Texas is ready.  We can hope for good weather and adequate preparation but for many families, the suffering from last year was too much to simply rely on “hope” for others’ preparation and assurances.

Energy storage is the technological response to Texas retail electric providers, electric cooperatives, and municipalities that are changing the rules for your solar investment. The policy struggle with Pedernales Electric Cooperative is the most egregious example of reducing the “buy-back” credit for your solar generation. Fortunately, energy storage will empower Texas solar customers to store their solar for nighttime use and for grid emergencies. The year is coming when energy storage is just as normal a part of a new home as a refrigerator and oven.

Let me close by giving heartfelt thanks to departing board members David Brearley, Amy Olsen, Josh Rhodes and Ron Zagarri. Each shared their clean energy expertise and ideas and helped this board be better and more informed. We were very fortunate to have them. As we welcome 2022, we look forward to our new board members to help us create solutions that reduce energy costs for owners while making our grid more resilient than ever. If you’re a TXSES member and haven’t yet voted for the 2022 board candidates, there’s still time! Deadline to vote is January 5, 2022.

Looking ahead to 2022, our agenda is ambitious: expanding community solar, building a quality workforce, educating consumers about the benefits of solar energy and raising awareness of sound, smart solar policies.  In the end, we come together because we believe similar things. What we do, and more importantly, why we do what we do, are inextricably linked. Our passion inspires others to join us in the pursuit for something important for Texas.

Happiest of holidays to you and yours. All the best,