TXSES Affiliation and Local Chapters

The Texas Solar Energy Society is the Texas chapter of the American Solar Energy Society, whose members have promoted solar energy since 1954. ASES is the nation’s leading association of solar professionals & advocates whose mission is to inspire an era of energy innovation and speed the transition to a sustainable energy economy. Its annual National Solar Tour is the world’s largest grassroots solar event. ASES members receive issues of the quarterly Solar Today Magazine.

Doing our part to spread the solar message in Texas, TXSES has five local chapters in Austin, El Paso, Dallas Metroplex, Houston and San Antonio. Responding to local needs and opportunities, these chapters collaborate with other organizations to educate their communities about the value and benefits of solar by creating and disseminating quality, fact-based solar information and strategies that every Texas community can adopt. With 254 counties and a population of more than 29 million, we need more communities to champion solar energy as a fundamental part of an equitable, diverse, resilient 100% clean energy future.

Start a local chapter! Email us info@txses.org

State Chapters

Solar Austin Logo_0Solar Austin hosts speakers and panels monthly, meeting at Scholz Garten on the fourth Tuesday of the month. They continue to work to keep the importance of solar incentives and the creation of green jobs on the minds of Austin Energy and the Austin City Council. TXSES and Solar Austin collaborate annually with Bluebonnet Electric Coop for a solar tour and installer fair. Visit Solar Success Stories to hear from home and business owners who have adopted solar, as well as industry professionals.

Eco El PasoEco El Paso is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on sustainability in the hot-arid climate of El Paso and the surrounding region. Eco El Paso is dedicated to fostering a learning environment for sustainable systems and lifestyles while integrating workforce and economic development concepts. We do this by promoting eco‐sensitive and energy-efficient community planning, building design, construction and facility maintenance in El Paso’s region to professionals in the design, construction, renewable energy, and building maintenance industries.



Solar San Antonio merged with Build San Antonio Green, a nationally recognized award-winning green building program. They host Bring Solar Home,  designed to help San Antonians discover if solar generation is the right choice, and if so which program is the best fit. As a voluntary, third-party certification program, BSAG also works with the residential building community to help create homes with increased efficiency, comfort, and durability. Programs include single-family new construction, historic retrofits, and multi-family projects.  Don’t miss Solar Fest, typically held the second Saturday in November.

ntregtx_0_0 (1)

North Texas Renewable Energy Group (NTREG) meets the second Saturday of the month and boasts an impressive list of topics and guest speakers – everything from living off the grid with solar to the coming transportation revolution of electric vehicles. NTREG members Mike Renner and Dan Lepinski provide their solar trailers to power everything from music venues to disaster relief. Their 9th Annual DFW Solar Tour in October 2019 highlighted 53 locations, nine of which were education centers. It’s the largest solar tour in the state.  Join NTREG’s Conversation Group.

HREG  is working to bring awareness of solar power and sustainable resources to the Energy City. They meet monthly to cover topics of interest. Collaboration is now in place with Solarize Houston and Solar United Neighbors to accelerate the adoption of solar through group purchases in Houston neighborhoods. Bill Swann’s famous Solar Energy System Workshop is held the last Friday of the month. Check out the HREG Events page. This TXSES chapter has a strong history of keeping renewable energy in the conversation in a community dependent on fossil fuels.  Sign up to receive their newsletter and stay up to date on important events in Houston.